my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Awww, it was the last day of class!

And we got to read a sci fi story for my last class, which was doubly awesome! I'm already starting to get nostalgic though - this whole year has been an isolated bubble of tons of homework and very little other responsibilities and all of that? pretty awesome.

like how the most I had to concentrate on was getting through the readings, memorizing new things, making sure i got enough sleep after hours and hours of homework, and managing to pay the bills on time with my grant money, and getting into intellectual conversations with a pack of smart people. Even when I was driven most crazy it still is pretty amazing just to be driven crazy while living in Japan.

I don't know how much I've managed to convey about the program, but these professors are some of the most dedicated and generous people I have ever studied with. With minor exceptions they constantly went out of their way to give us extra advice, encouragement, and also just respect. It's crazy how much feeling respected makes you *want* to push through your own limitations to express your ideas.

So yeah, last day of class work. Next week we have a full day of placement testing (so we can find out if we've gotten better going out than when we came in) and a lot of final presentation workshops, and the week after we do our final presentations spread over two days, meet with our Sensei's for one last time to set goals for the future, and ... that's it.

It's coming up fast. And even though I can't wait to be home, I'm going to miss this a LOT.

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