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i saw a man with a monkey today!

No, seriously, I did. On the streets of Omotesando (one of the neighborhoods in Tokyo). We were getting Lindt dark-chocolate soft cream after having hamburgers and mojitos and spiral cut fries for lunch at this awesome open air food cart circle Sam knows, and this guy just walked around the corner with a cappuchin monkey on his shoulder. I started jabbing Eli in the arm saying, "monkey, Monkey, MONKEY!" and got everybody to turn around - because MONKEY.

So yeah, Tokyo is a place of wonderful delights. Even though we have our final test on Monday, me and Sam and Steph and Eli got out and had some fun last night at our neighborhood bar, and then met Mychah and her fiance Brandon today to go eat. Sam is the MASTER at finding these little out of the way places that serve scrumptious food. Not that Tokyo isn't just *filled* with little places like that, because it is around every corner. But, he finds the best ones - this one had drinks from champagne and microbrews to custom berry-rose soda (which i had -- it was SO GOOD - kind of like an italian soda but all their syrups were hand made). And I had one of the yummiest california avocado hamburgers i've had in *forever*, and some tea soaked duck (don't ask how the make it because i don't know - but it was tender and tasty). And one of the guys does spiral cut fries spiced with allspice that were so good i think sam and i polished ours off in less than 10 min.

And after that apparently we needed to fortify ourselves with coffee at this place called Omotesando Koffee, but couldn't resist stopping on the way for chocolate soft serve. The Koffee place, by the time we got to it, was one of the most charming I've ever been to. It's a little remodeled front of a house with the most charming garden. Then there's the entry and the most adorable man standing behind a wooden bar waiting to take your order and make you a beautiful cup of coffee with a heart in the foam. No, seriously, the part of their website I linked to shows some of the cuteness of the space, but here, this is the little garden you can sit in to enjoy your coffee:

see, i'm telling you, super cute!

and after we were caffeinated properly we split paths, and Sam and I went shopping. For him (well, for his girlfriend) we went to buy pretty girlie underthings. Which we found at half the price (no, i think actually 1/3 the price - it was great). For me (for our final presentations) we found not one, but TWO suits. Well, suit jacket and skirt. One gray pinstripe and one black pinstripe. The great thing about Japanese suits, even when they're made for larger frames (and it's not like I'm a skinny girl even for U.S. standards), is that they're lighter material made for humid climates. So I will be able to wear them in high summer in LA. They will be awesome.

and that? was what I call an awesome day (even if i did end up home before 9 pm on a Sat night).

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