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the journey gets closer to an end...

Well, i didn't actually mean for it to go this long in between postings, but I suppose all that prepping for the end of the year just got the hell away from me. Things, in bullet(ish) form:

- we finished with our end of the year presentations today! mine was yesterday, and it went fine (not perfect, but when is anything ever perfect? and i was one of the few people who got two questions with her presentation, so that's good). today the other half of the school went. and now all we have to do is show up on friday to get our final evaluations and then have the school party. getting tipsy with our Senseis. hee.

- i have done a lot of shopping and not so much with the packing. i will be doing a final round of going out and getting stuff tomorrow, and pack over the weekend, because i get on an airplane on MONDAY OH MY GOD. yeah that's just never not going to be crazy.

- we got taken out to dinner last night by one of the guys who is a member of the agency that funded our tuition and it was like a seven course meal. pretty awesome. i can't describe any of it. no, wait, ok, one course was an entire grilled fish. the fins were salted and crunchy, and the asparagus and pickled shoot (sorry, it was some veggie, but i have no idea what) that came with it was ridiculously tasty. fine japanese dining - they bring you little courses spread over two hours. first was pickled veggies, then sashimi, then a rice/mushroom thing, then grilled steak, then the fish, then watermelon (and i think i'm forgetting something). MMMM.

- now i'm making myself hungry.

- my computer is on the fritz (which is ok since it's made it all the way here). i can still use it, but anything that is 'black' on the screen has little red lines running through it. either the screen itself is going out or the connection to the screen is going out. i hope to get it fixed in the states. did NOT want to have to try to get it repaired here!

- i looked great in my suit for the presentations. (sorry, forgot to mention that part!)

- i found back issues of the SF magazine that I'm doing research on for 500 yen a piece (roughly $5) and bought like 20. now i have to find a way to mail them home. but i'm going back to the same place that i bought them tomorrow to see if i can get the ones i'm missing first. tomorrow is going to be errands day.

- japan is (once again) awesome: when you cancel your electricity/water/gas they send a guy out to turn it off ... and you can actually just pay your final bill to that guy! no mailing a bill to another country, no muss, no fuss.

- my [community profile] summer_of_giles (summer_of_giles) day was today! I just posted! Movie posters! they're Giles + a bunch of characters doing his debonair thing in a Film Noir kind of way. Directly inspired by film noir movie posters (and for at least one, using it as the base for a manip). Check 'em out?

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