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the N Cal chronicles Part III - change? phsaw! we laugh at your change! we have our own!

Ok, so, um. It's been nearly a month since I last posted! I've been on LJ a lot because of Summer of Giles, but haven't really been checking my own journal much. But I have news!


The sunburn was from walking up Bear Butte. The boyfriend was cuz I made a pass at my best friend and he caught me. Or something like that.

There's a whole story there, and I will get into it, I think, in some later post. But for right now I have a totally new way of seeing someone who i have always loved, and who has seen the worst of me over 15 years, and i'm liking it. we're doing the long distance thing, but he's already planning a trip out in September.

So the rest of the South Dakota trip was, in a word, FUN. I'll do a picspam in a minute so you can see how green and pretty it was.

Since then?
  • moving Mom was both less hellish and more exhausting than i expected it to be, and unpacking was even more, but it's mostly done
  • i discovered the "joys" of intermittent internet access and reaffirmed my hatred of AT&T (and i am now bound to them with a wireless contract, so that's going to end well).  but i now have a smartphone so can join the crowds of people who get pinged at all the time.
  • my dog killed a skunk (though didn't eat it).  (so that was fun - i have a skunk wash recipe for those who want it though).  luckily she was covered on her rabies shot and we got her a new booster anyway, and i washed her FOUR TIMES.
  • i got new shoes that are so ridiculously comfortable (compared to my last pair) that i don't want to wear anything else
  • i have watched more documentary-style true crime 'dramatizations' on Investigation Discovery Channel than I care to actually admit to myself.  There are lots.  It's kind of amazing the evil that people do.  My mom is a total junkie for the channel though.
  • i am leaving for Lake Tahoe with the parents today.  I plan to introduce my stepmom to the Marvel Superheroes movies (Iron Man through Avengers) and sit by the pool a lot.  
and there you have it, an LJ post. HA.

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