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Lazy Saturday on track (Post 3 of 30)

So I completely forgot about this posting thing the other night. And last night. And so far it looks like i'm intentionally planning on posting every other day for 30 days, rather than every day? (sure, it's intentional... )

Now that I'm back home I'm trying to read Korean history to prep for a class I'm TAing starting Monday. This once again confirms for me why I am a literature person - for me history is terribly dull to read, even when it's interesting. I had four books, and if they were literary ones, even lit crit, i would have read one a day till i was done. I'm only halfway through the first one and i've been reading it off an on for a week. Oh well, the Professor and I are going to get along great I think, so at least there's that.

(i'm sure i'll be writing more on how i'm TAing a class in a subject I've never actually taken a focused course in, but that's for later)

I'm also getting in fights on facebook with the men in the freethinker community in S.Dakota (it's all Tyler's fault for adding me to the comms) who don't actually want to admit they're sexist. It's amusing and blood boiling all at the same time.

And watching Orange is the New Black on netflix. Anyone else watching this? I'd love to know what you all think!

I'm also very sad that Teen Wolf is over till January. . It felt really disjointed and strung together after an entire season of people dying for what felt like little to no reason. I thought the first part of the season was most interesting - sad about the Erika thing but really excited about Cora's appearance and the chance to see Cora and Derek and even Peter interact... and i really liked the Haunted Hotel episode because it was fucking creepy.

But the ep where they made Derek kill Boyd felt ... pointless. And the threat of the alpha pack was weirdly diminished by having the twins around all the time, and by the fact that Ducaleon kept splitting his focus between being an UTTER asshole with Derek and a mysterious asshole with Scott.

I liked the whole true-alpha thing, but it also felt like it came straight out of fanfic. Actually, maybe that's part of the problem - the latter resolutions would have played better in fic than they did on screen.

and derek having sex with *another* poisonous women just spelled mysognistic planning, not interesting TV. why couldn't the bad Draud (or however you spell it) not have been another homicidal woman? why couldn't there be some good female characters in the periphery?

and WHY DID DEREK AND CORA LEAVE?? (ok, that's purely fannish reasons, but seriously WHAT THE HELL?)

now i'm trying to muster the energy to get dressed. hmmm....

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