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Hot, Hot, Hot (Post 6 of 30)

And not in a fun 80s song kind of way. It's been regular temperatures here in la la land during the day (well, regular september temps anyway - 90s, but mid 90s ish) but for the last couple of days it hasn't cooled off at night.

this is *really* problematic. it's the good part about living in a dessert without air conditioner - as long as you can hold out until evening, when usually the temps drop below 70 at the least, and sometimes into the low 60s, the daytime heat is bearable.

Except the last four days it hasn't. and so our airconditioned apartment is turning into a heat trap. My housemate actually fled for a friend's ac-controlled apartment! i would too, but i'm kidn of an idiot and sometimes buckle into things i shouldn't, and besides, if the dog has to suffer through it i feel like i should too.

So instead i've got fans on, i'm sticking washcloths in the freezer to freeze and use as cooling towels, and basically both me and dog are sort of brain dead. Which is hilarious because i'm trying to get through 10 pages of japanese a day.

Which I'm using a pomodoro extension to do (thank you [personal profile] astolat)!

(and there's my timer - must go!)

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