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I don't want to work, I want to play (Post 8 of 30)

Well things have sort of calmed down with housemate. Which is good. Apparently the email I sent actually got listened to, which is weird but good.

The weekend itself felt crazy in part because I translated/read Japanese all day sat (in between eps of angel) and Sunday taped an interview with one professor about her new book and went to another professor's party (which was fun, don't get me wrong, but was still a busy non-resting time). And then I went and found three perfect dresses at the mall that I couldn't decide between.

See, I'm going to my nephew's wedding this Sat - he's marrying the nicest woman and they've been together for a while now, which is awesome. I still regret missing my other nephew's wedding while I was in Japan, so by hook, crook, or driving ALL DAY just to get there, i am. It's also my mom's birthday, so I'm driving up to Sac on Friday, driving to the wedding in Mill Valley on Sat, spending the night there and driving back to Sac Sun, then driving back to LA Sunday afternoon/evening because I have class on Monday.

awesome part is that the boyfriend is coming too! So I will get to see his face again! :D amidst all the driving. and the family events. he will get to see my crazy family in full form (well, ok, probably not *full* form, because that would be thanksgiving, but you know, turned out by the dozens.)

Looking forward to the weekend this much makes it hard to concentrate on the work to do this week, though I do have a to do list like three miles long and I'm chipping away at it.

1. read 19 pages of Marayama Masao's "Japanese thought" on the intellectual history of Japan (currently at page 14)
2. translate specific passages
3. do supplementary reading for same class by tonight
4. write response analysis to both articles and post by 10 pm tonight
5. meet with Prof on Wed to review dissertation prospectus
6. meet with Korean Lit & Culture Prof to review how to do 'translate your name into Korean' activity I will be leading in section
7. draft outline of Dissertation Prospectus
8. do laundry
9. go to required Grad Student Orientation meeting Thurs
10. do Korean reading for next week
11. prep for discussion questions on Thursday night (they have to submit by 10 pm)
12. begin bibliographic search for new sources in Japanese (for Dissertation)
13. clean house


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