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Wedding Weekend (Post 9 of 30)

(just on a meta note, i suck at this posting every day thing. i'm still going to keep track of things just to see how long it takes me to get to 30)

I drove approximately 1,000 miles last weekend. Started Friday from LA to my parent's house in Sacramento (with a detour to the airport to pick up the boyfriend). Then an early morning drive to Mill Valley to the wedding hotel to meet up with the parents. Then wedding, and an overnight in Mill Valley, to wake up the next morning, drive back to Sacramento to have brunch with my Mom for her birthday, back to the other parents' house to pick up the dog, and back to LA again to be ready for class on Monday.

Insane doesn't begin to cover it.

The great things about the weekend:

The wedding was beautiful! And totally entertaining - the bride and her bridesmaids did a lip sync dance to a Supremes song, and the groom and his groomsmen did a whole crazy pants dance to Michael Jackson songs. Hilarious, and really good too. My dad and stepmom danced together and were so CUTE it was ridiculous. The boyfriend and I got into geeky conversations with our table at dinner about Sherlock.

Since I drove, we got to pick up my little sister and take her back to Sacramento, which meant talking and catching up on the hour and a half drive both ways, which was just *good* family time, even if she was hung over. Both ways. ;)

For the first time in a couple of years I got to actually SEE my Mom on her birthday, and we celebrated it with her, even if it wasn't for long. And in great hobbit tradition she gave me a present - an herb keeper that goes in the fridge and keeps your herbs from dying for like two weeks.

In order to get the homework done while driving the boyfriend read about 100 pages out loud to me on the drive -- 100 pages of a Korean classic the Cloud Dream of Nine. It was pretty cool actually, and waaaay better entertainment than the radio or a book on tape because we talked about hilarious or weird or interesting parts all along the way. He's a much more perceptive reader than most of my actual students (though I would expect so - that phd wasn't just a flimsy piece of paper, and both of us did go to UCSC).

Monday night we went for dinner at my friends H & M's house and our other friend M came and I just *love* them... also the food was tasty - something called taco soup - that was super simple but still warm and awesome, just like them. We sat around and chatted till late in the evening.

- i developed a cold driving out of LA on Friday that was full blown by the time I picked Tyler up at the airport.
- my little sister crashed in our hotel room the night of the wedding (not that it wasn't cool to see her, but it did cut into alone time with my long distance boyfriend)
- i was definitely stressed, and tensed, and tired (which meant my sense of fun was kind of broken come Tuesday morning)
- I stupidly did not whip the camera out at my mom's brunch :( but that's ok, because at least I have the memory of it!
- yes, we did have two little 'discussions' (all that stress + me). But we also talked about them, and so on balance i think everything ended up a positive.

there you have it! I am trying to make a promise to myself not to do anything quite that crazy again (or believe that I can). I'm still coughing, and still sick (no surprise there - it's not like I had down time to actually recover or anything), and sadly the boyfriend has developed his own version of the sickness. I am a horrible girlfriend: he came out to california to visit and went home with a cold. At least we also got coasters as our wedding presents, so that wasn't his only souvenir. And he beat me at chess, as usual, so you know, he's got that going for him.

ETA: sadly my dropbox does not want me to share photos, so i had to remove them... somehow i'll figure out how to share them and show off my awesome parents dancing in the dim light of an iphone!

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