my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Ack! Monday Attack! (Post 10 of 30)

(man my post count is pitiful when I do it this way).

Monday! I am caffeinated! And ready to start you!!

(this is on the heels of not actually doing much this weekend but reading japanese and losing myself totally and utterly in a show called Lost Girl that is about a bisexual succubus on Sci Fi -- OMG IS ANYONE ELSE WATCHING THIS I CANNOT STOP!!)

have done:
- made it to class
- finished Mon class reading
- finished class reading for wed
- got car washed (i left it under trees this weekend and it was both pooped on by birds and pooped on by the tree, and wow could that tree poop - literally covered with little red balls of goo)
- walked dog twice
- read 13 pages of theory on nationhood (almost done with Japanese reading for last week, so after that it will only be 50 pages of Japanese homework for *this* week to do!)
- responded to 2 student emails about paper
- met with student about paper thesis
- forwarded emails to Grad Student organziation about future events
- post to journal!

left to do (today):
- take fish out of fridge for dinner
- walk dog 1 hr
- complete 15 pages Japanese for *this* week
- send email to students about discussion session
- fix discussion session name on blackboard
- write draft 'please join grad student org' email to send out tomorrow

can i have some more coffee please?

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