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Person of Interest
WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK GUYS??? I seriously did NOT see that coming. And by that, I meant the Joss/Reece thing, not the Joss death thing. Because actually, I did have a premonition about the Joss death thing when she started doing her own recon/plotting. Honestly although I feel like she's been slowly going out of character this whole season, at least they were giving it a slow build and giving us reasons *why* she was taking this personally and allowing it to modify her very very very firm moral center. That? That made sense. It also made sense that she'd overextend and end up getting killed because of it.

But the romance thing? I was SO confused. First because she had more chemistry with her little protege than I think she does with Reece. They have been really clear that there's a lot of love between them, but in every other episode it was the plantonic kind of love not the love kind of love. Also? the whole elevating of their first meeting into the thing that saved John was just ridiculous because he'd never elevated it that way ever before - and neither had she. The fact that they decided there needed to be love in this equation not only felt forced, but it made me feel really creeped out when John kissed her - like Joss wasn't ok with that either but was letting him do it because she knew she was going to die anyway. At least that's how it read to me in the moment. But also it's just so improbable that he would go back to their first meeting as the thing that saved him - it wasn't their first meeting that saved him, it was ALL THEIR INTERACTIONS AFTER THAT that kept him slightly on the moral side -- if you're going to make him fall in love make it be about that, for god's sake, not because she pulled him off a train car and gave him some coffee.

Anyway, the whole thing was really creepy and I'm not happy with show for being that creepy abruptly. I would have been fine if they'd actually had some kind of flirting or other types of things happening between the two of them in previous episodes (hello build up, you guys know how to do it with other story lines, why not here??) but they didn't even have that.

So I think in my own head cannon all the kissing was just some sort of shield-bro thing. Of COURSE Joss is going to get mourned by all and sundry, and she deserves their love, but it's not the romantic kind of love. And you can't convince me otherwise ;)

Ender's Game
So first, my mom wanted to go see this and took me, despite both of our disdain for OSC's politics and asshole behavior. Mom is giving an amount equal to the ticket price to a charity organization that directly supports stuff he hates to offset our putting money in the film's coffers.

And if they had ended the movie where the book ends, I would have actually called it not bad. Oh, sure, there isn't enough character development. You don't really see how much these kids get strung out during the final "simulation"s. And there's some pretty heavy handed (like the time counter counting down to the attack?!) foreshadowing that I thought was blatant at the time and would be even more blatant on a rewatch.

BUT WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT FINDING THE QUEENS EGG AT THE END???? I mean, I know why they did it - it was to give a happy ending to what is basically a SCATHING repudiation of the military and it's aims. But they took every single bit of impact away from the genocide and made it ok again (gee guys, look, it's alright because i found a baby egg!).

Also, i thought Ender getting what he'd done was a little too fast, but it's a small issue compared to my real one which was, like, seriously?? An egg!?? ALREADY?? i can't decide if it's because they thought they weren't going to be able to make a second one, or because they thought they were. Either way, bad movie making guys, bad.


Sleepy Hollow: Show continues to be awesome and sort of self aware of it's own ridiculousness. And the platonic main characters are still platonic, for which I'm grateful. It's also ep 7 or 8 and Icabod still hasn't changed his clothes. Which he looks hot in. Well done show.

Agents of SHIELD: Ok, this last week really felt like things were getting better - more emotional investment, cute awareness of their world, and hot agent action! But I do wish they'd stop teasing the whole Coulson mystery and start, oh, i dunno, actually giving us more about it.


Blacklist: James Spader is awesome and steals every single scene. But he needs to because everyone else is pretty wooden. Still. James Spader. Awesome. Being wicked.

Arrow: I used to watch this for Stephen Amell's abs, but they've been less in evidence lately. Now I'm kind of watching it to see what Summer Glau's character has up her sleeve.

Elementary: I quite liked the last ep, but I'm not emotionally invested in this show. It's just that it does have mysteries and it is Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller.

Dracula: another one I'm watching cuz I looooooove the actor. it's RIDICULOUS but at least Dracula still rips people's throats out. I have a feeling it's not going to last longer than a season though.

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