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the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering

i guess nobody but me still uses yahoo!mail? anyway, mine's been out for three days (for "system maintenance") and so i've felt a little (or a lot) disconnected. i'm in the process of moving all my notifications to gmail (it's not like i haven't had an account there, but it was largely used for filtering spam). thoroughly disappointed in yahoo though.

i have a paper due on the 13th that i'm madly, crazily, belatedly trying to work through (i have to read a lot of complex theory in Japanese to get to it - that's on the menu today).

new housemate moved in on the 1st of Dec and we get a long pretty great. she's a chatterbox, which fills the house in a way i haven't been used to for a while, but it's nice. we spent Saturday rearranging the living room into a new formation and putting up christmas decorations (bonding!!)

i'm still struggling with my dissertation proposal - just finished another draft and sent it out to the committee members (this is draft 3? 4?). i need to actually do research next semester and, you know, start WRITING THE DISSERTATION. but before i can do that i need this thing to be on file. ugh.

i've had some family stuff happen last week that was sad - my grandfather fell and broke two ribs and my mom is really worried about him (for good reason, he's 97). He says he'll make it to 100 though. My favorite nephew and his wife separated (over facebook, kind of, or at least announced it there), and I'm sad but they've been having trouble for months and months. This does mean that I'm not likely to see my grand niece at family events until she's older though, which sucks because i've only seen pictures through facebook. and since her mom defriended most of the family when they separated, I don't even get those anymore. My mom and my boyfriend are both sick right now (though mom is more on the recovering side).

last week I also spent almost every night outside of the house - screened one my favorite Japanese movies Tetsuo: the Iron Man for grad students (though only me and the organizer of the event showed), went to a fascinating talk on Gas Masks in the interwar years in Japan on Wed, then out to dinner with grad students and the professor who gave the talk on Thursday. Some weeks the life of a grad student is all about free food and cerebral discussion, and last week was definitely it! On the bad side I was still tired from the drive up/back for Thanksgiving, so I wasn't as productive as I might have been through all of that. But productivity is in the mind, right?

Thanksgiving - was actually pretty awesome. I haven't done Thanksgiving in Northern Cal with my family consistently for years (I stopped in college and then mostly did my own celebration that family was invited to). I actually made it to my Dad's side of the family because we do it the Sat after thanksgiving. it was kind of awesome since my sister's husband was tired of turkey - we had Thai food. :D and pie, of course. At my mom's we were four ladies - her friend came for dinner and Megan drove up earlier and spent the night. it was PERFECT. we cooked a bit, but nothing super crazy so there was no cooking stress. Megan made wine-stewed-pears which were ridiculously yummy. And we went and saw Thor together (keeping our tradition of appreciating Chris Hemsworth's abs intact)! And helped my mom plant a tree and play in her garden (which is just freakishly beautiful, OMG.) I just wish the break had been longer - it's such a tease for it to only be like an extra day or so.

so maybe if i get the chance picspam soon. well, not today. today i have to work. really, i'm going to work. you see me going, right?

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