my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Happy Christmas Eve!

I hope anyone reading this is just taking a quiet break and having themselves a warm evening of peace and joy, no matter if you celebrate the whole christmas part or not.

Mom and I are marathonning the Mummy series (with a chaser of Tomb Raider perhaps - the jury is still out).

I've done one Christmas already with my Dad's side of the family on Saturday. Lots of good food, lots of hugs, and tons of goodness. And even though we spent almost four hours in the car to get to my sister's house, having my other sister sing while driving to almost every seventies song on the radio was adorable and awesome. I haven't seen her be that goofy in years. And I got to see babies and nephews and sisters and parents and it was already good.

Tomorrow Mom and I will cook dinner for ourselves and a friend, and bake and frost sugar cookies (which I think we like baking and frosting better than eating, truth be told). But our sugar cookie recipe this time called for lemon zest, so perhaps they will be extra tasty?

and i leave you with this pretty by Aron Jansco (that's his tumblr)

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