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Happy New Year!

I know I'm supposed to count up my blessings and stuff, and I have a lot of them, but everyone is doing a TV meme and that sounds like my kind of distraction. So here's what I watched in 2013 (and may or may not continue watching in 2014).

(also, holy shit that is a long list!) this is what happens when you're shivering in fear about your thesis, apparently.

Agents of Shield
Started watching it for the Coulson and the possible witty banter, and am still waiting for both, actually. I think sadly Coulson is much better in fanfic so far than he is on the show, so, um, not sure if it's really worth continuing. Since I'm not up on the newest couple of episodes I think perhaps this one will go by the wayside. Which is sad cuz I had high hopes.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, but without James Spader stealing every scene this show would be nothing. And while I really enjoy seeing him steal scenes, it's really one note. Mistrust everything, and yes, Abby, he really is your father. HELLO OF COURSE HE IS. the teasing of that is just boring at this point. again another i'm just not curious about what happens next.

Sleepy Hollow
For all the infodumps (and my, it's almost like they're characters in and of themselves) I still think I'm liking this. Though I'm also a couple of eps behind on it and not necessarily feeling an urgency to return. We'll see if that changes once I'm back in revision land.

Person of Interest
Ok, so, I started watching this series because of fandom, and I kept watching because I liked the case-fic nature of the show, and besides, Amy Acker is awesome and so were the rest of them. I did think characters went OOC this year, and the whole "love/death" scene was OUT OF FRIGGING NOWHERE, which I pointed out before. So my head cannon

Orange is the New Black
Once I got over my fear that everyone was going to be raped all the time (hey, it's a prison show, and I don't trust modern TV) I liked what I watched. For the most part. Still kind of sucks that there has to be a main white lead, but all the stories of the other women are really interesting. I'm definitely curious about how they're going to handle the second season.

This show is pretty damn bad. Which is sad. But not surprising. I just *want* it to be interesting, you know? It's not. But I'll probably keep going back to see if they might pull their heads out of their behinds sometime.

I like case-shows. And they haven't been doing too bad on case-related shows this season, I think, so I'm on board. And still very glad they're not trying to make a Joan/Sherlock pairing...

White Collar
as the_emu noted, the problem with White Collar is that it had a run and is kind of running past itself. There's only so far a law man can go over the line (and Peter's crossed it waaaay farther), and there's only so far an art thief can go straight (and Neil's done it, but then crossed back, then forward, then back, in sometimes satisfying and sometimes not so satisfying ways). In other words, it's getting old. Which is sad. Also I really hate that they're making Elizabeth worry about Peter all the time NOW, when she was awesome with him doing his work earlier in the series. She's going from cool to worry (and very close to manipulative in the process).

Oh Suits. I really watched you for the slash, and for the ridiculous case fic kind of ways you'd be both awesomely manipulative and somehow good guys at the end. But you've been drama-lamaing so much over the last season that there hasn't been enough time for good, interesting, and not "oh my god we've compromised ourselves 101010011111!!!!" cases because of all that drama. Sadly I think you believed your own hype as a show, and fell down the rabbit hole. which is why I have very little interest in you anymore. :(

Where did the abs of steel go?? I miss them so!!! Sorry but I totally watched this show for the beefcake ridiculouslessness of it all, and now the only person's abs they show anymore are Jackson's (I'm sorry, it's that guy who was Jackson on Teen Wolf, and that's who he will always be to me), which I got plenty of on Teen Wolf. But I'll probably keep watching because I want to see if they EVER do anything interesting with Summer Glau's character. There's potential there, right? somebody tell me its not just me seeing it?

Cannibal dreams. Nightmares. Dreams? Nightmares. It's all one in the same in a beautiful creepy disturbing kind of way, and I'm completely on board. And feel like a bad fan cuz I don't know when the new season comes out.

Da Vinci's Demons
I wanted this to be fun and it was for like three episodes and then it got completely repetitive and even the hotness of someone who looks like one of the Fines brothers as the main lead didn't stop it from being boring. And all that with time travel thrown in... sadly I won't be caring about this unless i can get it a season at a time. Though I'm pretty sure they're not going to renew it anyway, so there's that I suppose.

Hemlock Grove
Another sad one-season that had fun potential at the beginning but just did the ouroboros thing and ate it's own tail in creep factor (and not in a fun way). Of COURSE the problem with the Gypsies and the wealthy town-family thing was that they were werewolves vs. vampires - did anyone NOT predict that? And yet they spent soooooooo much time teasing it the ending was just LAME. Nice try Netflix. Still works for best creepy werewolf transformation ever though.

I'm still here. I still feel bad for the boys and their man!pain and like their inside jokes, so I'll keep watching. I see why people are hooked on this because despite being like a million seasons in, and probably having jumped the shark, they still soldier on and occasionally do funny things that make me laugh.

Teen Wolf
Yeah, I'm still in. I want to find out what happens, which is my criteria for actually, you know, finding a show compelling. Though the alpha pack stuff and the resolution to third season was pretty contrived (also why on EARTH did they actually have Derek with another femme fatal? like seriously the guy's bad choices are so predictably bad as soon as he started sleeping with her i suspected her), there were a couple of episodes that were truly creepy, a couple I was satisfied with, and the whole dark bathtub thing with Scott, Stiles, and Allison was shot in an interesting way - they all looked great dripping wet. See, I'm easily amused, TV! You don't have to work that hard to amuse me!

Annnnnnnd, that's about it. except that I discovered Chuck like 30 years after everyone else did and watched a bunch of it while finishing my 4th draft of my prospectus. Even though product placement is rampant and its totally predictable, its making me happy that everything mostly turns out all right in the end.

Oh, and has anyone else watched American Horror Story? I've been watching it while in South Dakota and the first season was AWESOME and super duper over the top creepy. not as sold on the second (though perhaps it's just too much horror in too short amount of time?)

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