my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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It is apparently Blind Melon Thursday

1. I broke through my writer's block concerning my presentation!! I now have recorded a rough draft that is 30 minutes long - all I have to do is go back and edit and put in the references (which I will do tomorrow)
2. It rained in LA! For those of you outside of CA you may not have heard we're in a mega-drought... which means every little drop of water helps!
3. I made waffles yesterday, which means I get to still crow about them today! And even though they were gluten free and made with coconut milk and water in honor of my allergic housemate, they're actually tasty. Of course I promptly ate them with bacon, thus negating their awesome sort-of-healthy-ness, but it was also delicious.
4. I have clean clothes! I'd had a block against doing them for like three weeks, and had run into my last pair of underwear (or almost last - you know the really uncomfortable ones you keep at the bottom of the drawer even though they cut into you and slide down and since they're the wrong kind of material make you feel sweaty? yeah, those. i can't seem to throw them out, so when i get down to them they're like the death knell of the 'time to do the laundry' gong)

Three things I'm proud of myself for today:
1. Getting the planning going on our grad organization mock presentations - we're going to do six presentations over three months, and i had been putting off organizing it for two weeks. I finalized the schedule and reserved the rooms today, and once I hear back from the presenters I'll send out the notifications.
2. I did my Daoism reading (which I have to say is way more my style than Confucianism).
3. I broke through the writer's block! So important, OMG.

Two things I look forward to doing (better) tomorrow:
1. I will edit and submit my application for summer funding (it's due tomorrow)
2. I will finish at least typing out the draft of the presentation I recorded today and get it to the professor who is acting as my respondent (it's only a week late)

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