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20 facts about me (see, i'm blogging)

1. i'm a grad student working on my phd. (sorry, i know i bring it up a lot, but it's the defining element in my identity right now)

2. i've never been able to decide on a favorite color (it's between blue, green, and purple), but i bought three all-purple dresses last year on the same shopping trip.

3. i wear skirts or dresses every day (except to walk the dog). i only have two pairs of dress pants and two pairs of sweat pants.

4. i love teaching students even though i also probably complain most about my students.

5. i watch shows and consume books and fanfic critically - it's part of how i enjoy a show/book/story.

6. i love Anne McCaffrey's self description: "My eyes are green, my hair is silver and I freckle; the rest is still subject to change without notice"

7. i tend to be attracted to (even on a friends level) people who are very smart but somewhat volatile and hard to get along with in some way.

8. i have and love a dog, but through most of my life i would have said i was a cat lover first.

9. i have no single favorite food. but i'm friends with most of them.

10. My all time favorite fiction (but not genre) books are A Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin, The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt, Lullaby by Chuck Pulloniak. But those aren't necessarily my favorite writers.

11. I love the Marvel-series movies better than the DC, even though I used to think I was more into the DC, particularly Batman, than Marvel. I think it was all Michell Pfeiffer as Catwoman's fault.

12. For the last couple of years I've wanted to have a big party for my birthday, but keep not doing it because all of my friends are spread out in their own lives, and I'm pretty sure I can't get them together all at once.

13. I worry about my own internet security and my privacy online, but still keep doing things like posting public blogs.

14. I miss participating in a single supportive fandom consistently. I'm in a different place, and so is fandom on the internet, but I don't think I'll ever stop being fannish, regardless of my level of participation.

15. I smile a lot, and am generally cheerful, it makes people misjudge my age by at least 10 years. (Doesn't hurt that I'm in academia where your age is marked by what year you are in your program)

16. I don't believe in grades. I think they're terrible ways to tell someone how they're doing or give them feedback on their work. Which means sometimes I'm more inconsistent in my grading than I'd like to be.

17. I've bought my most recent and favorite bras in Japan. and I will keep doing so if at all possible because even though it's a country filled with women who are on the small side (and I'm *not*) the shop I found that makes them for people my size makes beautiful and long lasting bras. that i've never been able to find in a shop in the U.S.

18. I hate using red pens to mark up anything.

19. I love tables in Microsoft. And web design. if i'm given a project to lay out information in either, I will probably make a table.

20. I don't believe in any religion, but I lit a candle for my Great Aunt Martha (who I found out died a little while ago) and set it in front of my Buddha statue and my two Goddess statues, and thanked the Universe for her presence and spoke to her spirit.

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