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May the 4th be with you! It was with me today!

I don't often curse, but holy shit you guys - I just managed to edit myself from 15 pages to 32 pages today!!!!

Admittedly this is the combination of a bunch of older things that I wrote for my qualifying exam responses, and then another piece that I wrote for my prospectus that I jettisoned because it was too much information at the wrong time (but never delete anything, for it will come in handy, i say!) and YES. In other words, I'm ahead of my 5-page (edited or written)/day page count goal. I was hoping by this point to be at 20 pages. Maybe I was ready to write this thing after all!

All this after interviewing three possible prospective new housemates - I'm in the market for a new one, since my current one has run out of money and hasn't found a job. She's moving back to New York at the end of the month. There's no super rush since she's paid up till the end of the month, but it would make her happier to have someone come in earlier, and I wouldn't mind the process of getting used to a new housemate. So far only one woman has applied, which is weird, but there's definitely two possible candidates that I feel good about, so that's something.

And I did succumb to the whole Star Wars thing a bit and am (re)watching the movies. In Episode I - Episode VI order. (of course I started late in the day, and you know, did other stuff, so I'm only on Episode II) I am reminded that there is very little that is good about the early episodes. But it has made grading papers (which I'm also doing - got about 10 done today) bearable. The bad dialogue is just about as bad as my student's writing.

and onto the meme thing: what I'm afraid of

lots of things. lots and lots of things. but things like being considered a laughingstock to my friends, or being considered an idiot by my peers.

i can't watch people touch their eyes - i don't know if that's fear or revulsion, but watching someone take out their contacts even can produce a sense of shrinking cringe - and i can't watch eye modifications on movies either.

i'm not afraid of spiders or bugs, even cockroaches (though i don't like them), and i love big cats, even cheetas (back in the bad old days when i was a kid and really didn't quite get that it was animal cruelty, i even got to sit with a drugged out cheetah's head in my lap at an animal park).

i have everyday fears - the dog's mysterious poop illness getting worse, where i'm going to get money to live this summer or when my loans come due.

i have big life fears - what is going to happen when my mom and dad get old enough they can't or shouldn't be on their own anymore, what's going to happen to me when i reach that age too, that kind of thing.

i'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment. this was harder to write, i think, because i'm on an up day, and usually those kinds of things momentarily fall away when i'm doing what I know I should, in a way that I know is good.

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