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I was doing so good, but then two weeks passed

We had a consultation this morning about how to fertilize the orange tree. And he confirmed that the other tree is a Mexican Guava bush too. So far things are going really well. She's willing to say hi, and she totally digs the dog, but she really does keep to her hours (leaving at ~10 am and arriving home at like ~9 pm). She doesn't cook and she eats like a bird when she's here, and she keeps mostly to herself. My only trouble is that I keep calling her Dannie, not Annie, and I don't know why I keep doing that, but damn I keep doing it. Hopefully someday that will change!

As I took the dog to the dog park on Wednesday, I saw a man camped out across the street as I put the dog in the car. Didn't think much about it. But when I got home an hour and a half later, I found a green hoodie left in my deck chair. I turned to realize that someone had taken the screen off my bedroom window and there were palm prints on my window. I walked inside the house and checked on the things that were on my desk right under the bedroom window that had it's screen gone and found:

nothing taken.

Miracle of miracles. On top of the desk was my laptop, my kindle, my checkbook. It would have been incredibly easy for whoever was at my window to grab the laptop - it was literally sitting within hand's reach, and i think the person may have actually grabbed it before they put it down. Called the police, and they came and took a report, and said there hadn't been any recent reports, and the guy who came by the next day to do the fingerprinting said the person who left their shirt probably did so because someone saw them (and it's a quick way to modify your appearance to take a shirt off).

It was freaky, though I wasn't super shaken (mostly relieved and sort of wondering at how nothing actually got taken), I've just worried a little every time I've gone out that there's going to be something wrong when I come back. It will slowly fade, I'm sure, as time goes on.

The new housemate wasn't particularly comforted to have this happen the first week she moved in, though, which I can totally understand. The landlady was sad, but not particularly worried-worried (though she did say she'd ask the neighbors to be more cautious, and I talked to one of the women I know up the street and told her so she can spread the word and people can keep an eye out). I went out and bought those little window locks and wooden dowels to brace (since those locks are flimsy). It's not a perfect deterrent, but it's *something*. there is no perfect deterrent.

Though according to the police men, the best deterrent is a dog. which, thankfully, I have. I just took her to the dog park at the time.

The fannish part of me:

- Was screaming inside that the photo Charles has of Raven on his bedside table has Erik on the back. Because that betrayal was the one that hurt! Poor Charles! His love is so true and Erik ABANDONED HIM!
- also, OMG future!Magneto telling future!Professor X that he wishes they could have the years back. *melts*
- and YAY they got rid of (canonically) the 3rd movie entirely! Yay! Jean is back! I loved Jean! (especially after she's Phoenix)

Things I loved:

- the creepyness of Stryker being part of the experiment!on!mutants train so early.
- the whole scene where Mystique is crying because she sees the files, and then all of a sudden evil!Peter!Dinklage has a tear streaming down his face.
- the fact that it's Mystique's choice that ends the major conflict of the film
- also, how SHE was the awesome one who was out rescuing mutants from being transferred off for experimentation when Erik was imprisoned
- the Erik pentagon prison escape from start to finish
- drunken Charles and his super-thick accent
- Erik's new/old costume. Though what's up with the full/half cape? is that canon?
- so glad this wasn't a Wolverine!all!the!time movie

The critical part of me:

Was fascinated that, while there were these moves towards making this moving about a woman's choice, this was actually a movie about fixing Charles'!man!pain and his choices. Because, after all, Wolverine has to go back and not talk to Mystique directly, oh, no, why would he try and do that? She's absolutely unreasonable! She's a woman! With a vendetta! He's never known what going after someone on a vendetta is like! Or taking his own personal revenge! Instead he goes back to talk to Charles. yes.

Because it is critical we get her alcoholic, depressed, drug addicted, and defeated adoptive brother to do it because he's the only one who can. He LETS her make her choice.

Oh, also, let's go combine him with what I think the text tries to make out as her subtextual ex-boyfriend to do it, too. Because of course we have to break the men out of prison so that they can shoot at their ex-girlfriends. No, seriously, I love how the reason why Mystique runs is because Erik just starts SHOOOTING HER. While I did actually accept it was in character for him, and fine for her to run away (hello, she trusted him and he starts trying to kill her) why on earth would anyone think it was a good plan to stick them in the same room together?

The narrative here goes: it's the boyfriend-brother-mentor that has the power over women, so they can totally stop her when she needs stopped.

Additionally it takes a fucking intervention from the future not to instill hope into Mystique (who, hey, probably could have used it, since she had to see the reality of the mutants dying), but to the man who should/would become Professor X. Because we need to save Charles at all costs!!!!

Just, you know, saying. The fan side of me also wanted way more Fassbender. All movies need way more Fassbender.

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