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MMMMM Oysters

For the first time that wasn't on a class jaunt or a trip to a fast-food like kaitenzushi restaurant, i had sushi. I had yummy, yummy sushi.

This was in celebration of me showing up at a talk given by the husband of one of my advisors - it was part of a translation studies group run out of Sophia University. Really interesting talk that was basically preliminary findings on newspaper discussions of Japanese books translated into English in the 1800s, but the really cool part?

The talk's organizers practically offered me the space to give a talk myself when I get my research together. Because they're that interested in science fiction translation. OH YEAH baby. that's pretty frigging cool.

So as a way to celebrate getting something "done" in terms of networking, I tried the local neighborhood sushi restaurant. Thing is, it's a tiny place, and I ended up at the counter. now, for those not in the know, when you're at the counter you're supposed to actually order directly from the sushi master. And you kind of need to know what you want so you can order it (oh, sure, there's a "menu" of things up on the wall, but if you're me and you hardly ever pay attention to the names of the fish you eat, you don't remember what it is you like). So I explained that I hadn't really eaten at this type of restaurant before and the Sushi master graciously fixed me a sampler set. Which was nummy, totally nummy.

But the best part? THE OYSTERS. I had looked over and seen the man sitting next to me had them on his plate, and for some reason I've been *really* into oysters lately. So I asked if I could have some of them... they are kane. And they were SO good. Oyster afficianados will note these suckers were huge (like the meat was actually the size of the palm of my hand... nice and big), and they only had a little dab of onion and something else a tiny bit spicy in the middle. Fresh and pure tasting, not salty or bitter, they were DELIGHTFUL.

Adventures in Japan today? Feeling pretty good about them. I should know sushi is always a win!

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