my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Summertime... and the living is busy

Through a weird confluence of events I've had some sort of thing to do with friends every day for the last several weeks. Karoke (twice), dinner to catch up and eat healthy, picnic for birthdays, dinner for complaining about the department, dinner for dinner's sake, moving party, Mad Max: Fury Road (and dinner before hand), dinner for celebrating dissertation defenses (twice), dinner to invite my old housemate back, lunch for complaining about the department, skype calls to organize panels, and last, but not least, a dog appointment and then drinks.

I haven't been this busy since I stopped taking classes.

It's actually been really good for my productivity - piling things on (along with trying to do stuff for SOG) has made me take more time for reading. Also? One of my friends actually (sorta) yelled at me to go study when he saw me on facebook, and that was exactly what I needed. Apparently guilt and yelling is good.

I'm also trying something new with water drinking and dog walking this week, since I need/want to do more almost constantly. I'm trying to get ~10,000 steps a day since I discovered that my phone will track how many steps I take while I'm carrying it. I've made it up to ~8,000, though it's tough just finding new places to walk, and that was a big increase since most days I'm at ~5,000. And I'm making cucumber-lime water to try and drink at least a pitcher of water a day (though I think I should be drinking ~two pitchers) because if I do that my entire face clears up. Adult acne is no joke, yo.

This, of course, comes after the totally unhealthy celebratory pizza i ordered friday night because i dropped my housemate off at the airport for a 12 day trip to italy and i generally only eat terrible take out when she's not here.

But baby steps, right?

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