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08 November 2015 @ 09:27 pm
I'm a terrible bowler, a decent friend, and a nester extraordinare  
Like seriously, went bowling Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday and got the lowest score, and our high scorers were in the ~100 points range. I don't think I broke 50? For *any* of the games we played. I do know the logic of bowling, but my fingers are too thick to fit into the holes properly. [insert a holes/fingering joke here now if you're so inclined... it seems appropriate] So I ended up mostly dropping the ball instead of actually throwing it. I spent most of one game throwing granny style with both hands just so my wrist didn't get entirely thrown out of whack. Still fun though - giggling and mugging for each other, celebrating every single pin being knocked down, and marveling at the computer graphics (we can now pick exciting under the sea theme games so there are cute little fish animations adding up our scores).

Spent last night with a friend who is trying to process her mom's cancer diagnosis - she just spent two weeks with her family while her mom had emergency surgery for a cyst, and it was the worst news on the biopsy - it's metastasized. Twenty years ago I think cancer terminology entered into the common vocabulary, but it's weird to think that fifty years ago there wouldn't be these words that have meaning for us now: cyst, benign, biopsy, lymph notes, metastasized, chemo, and the rest. Of course she's trying to process and it's all uneven, because like so many of us with family her relationship with her parents is conflicted, and with her larger family it's confusing, and with her sibling it's difficult. And part of the reason why we're such good friends is that we both have a savior complex a mile wide and a couple of miles deep. There's something about being there that we're both so sure makes all the difference (and it sometimes can, because it's family, and we understand family in almost instinctual ways -- but that sometimes isn't the most healthy move, for the family or for us). Anyway, we sat and talked and pet the puppy, and went for a long dinner where we caught up. It was really good. Maybe not as much processing as she could use or need, but maybe it was enough to give her a space to be away, and to smile for an hour, and to just breathe.

Oh, and to rehang the party lights. I wanted them moved so they'd actually hang over my little cafe table outside and it only took me (and friend, since I needed one person to hang and one person to hold the strings) almost a month to do it!

But the thing that's making me really smile the most right now is that I bought myself an adult chair! If I've done this right you should be able to click it and see the beautiful picture from the website. I love it. I keep petting it. I can't stop sitting in it, either, which I know - that's the point, right? But also makes me realize how much I sit in one place in my living room.

What about you guys? Do you have a living room and you move around from couch to chair? Or are you like me and you have one chair (ok, I now have three chairs, but one is broken down, the other is the housemate's chair, and the third is my new chair) and you pretty much stay in that chair all the time? Searching my memory, my stepmom has "her" space on the couch that she's had for years...and my mom certainly has had her favorites that she stuck to. So at least I come by it via the parents, even if no one else has their "spot" in their living room.

eta: dear gods I originally started this post thinking I was going to wax nostalgic over files I found on my backup drive, meander through my job prospects and what my writing plans are for the week, and blather about being afraid of moving... the best laid plans, eh?

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littleotter73littleotter73 on November 12th, 2015 02:07 am (UTC)
Oooo very nice chair! I sort of have a few places in the house. We have a love seat in the family room I will lounge on if I am up there. Otherwise, it's the couch in the basement where we have the family TV room set up. I like to curl up in the corners. It's a rather large sectional I bought many years ago when we needed to carve out space when the hubby's mom used to live with us. It's seen much better days. One of the zippers on one of the seat cushions is broken and so whenever you sit on it, it sort of bunches up and you are sitting on the actual cushion not the cover. I tried to fix it, but I think it's beyond repair, which is horrible because:

1) It was a rather expensive couch. Like stupid expensive... I shouldn't have bought it then (I had a great paying job), but I was depressed and allowed myself to impulse buy it at a friend's urging.

2) You can't rotate the sitting cushions because of how the couch is built, so natural dips that come from people sitting on them can't be fluffed out by turning them over or swapping sides with them.

3) It is a rather nice couch. comfortable and large and fits 2 adults, 1 teen, 1 8 year old, and two beagles on it with room to spare. Also, 3 people can sleep on it... maybe not tall people, but, especially on one side, but still, I have had a couple friends over and we have passed out on that couch after getting a bit more than tipsy and it's all good.

I guess the answer at this point is to go back to the manufacturer and see if I can get a new cover for that one that has the broken zipper, but I would imagine that it would look profoundly different due to a different dye lot. And... since the couch was really expensive, the cover would probably be really expensive (if they even make that model anymore). Still, I suppose it doesn't hurt to check.
my monkied brainkatekat1010 on December 4th, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
Thank you!! Upon sitting on new chair for a couple of weeks now I'm even more in love with it and it's soft squishyness!

and oh your poor couch - i totally remember having furniture like that, and our whole family sort of circulated the pieces around to each other rather than let them go somewhere else. If I lived close to where my family all congregate I'd be part of that system too - my stepmom and her sister have like together pretty much furnished most of my three sister's starter houses and then that furniture has been passed on to their kids and on and on (in part because it's comfortable and it first - like your #3).

but yeah it sounds like it's worth it for you to go back to the manufacturer or to say 'screw it,' get different fabric, and then just embrace that you have one pillow that's different....