my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

I won! Or, something close to that

I saw the actual test today, the test I took last week, the test I actually studied 12 hours for.  I needed to confirm that the professor hadn't entered the wrong grade into the electronic system.  I had to hold the shiny sheets of paper in my hands and see the red marks across the top to be sure.  To be really sure.  Because . . .

I got a 93%

I am one point away from getting an A in this damn class.  YES!  YES! YES!

This little victory was all the sweeter because my last test score was actually a D, and dear gods I thought I was barely going to scrape by with a C in the class.  And I felt like I knew nothing.  Lost motivation and academic painful agony, yes, they were my friends. 

But apparently I do best in stressful situations that make me sit up and freak out, because from a D to an A seems like rocket ship launching to me. 

Now there's 5 days left (and that includes the excruciating final) and that's all.  If I can just make it through 5 days of quizzes, 1 more chapter's worth of information, telling a seven minute story about almost missing a plain flight (yeah, that one is not going to be easy or comfortable.  *shudder*), and taking the final, I will be DONE!

Brain, don't fail me now.
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