my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Tomorrow California. How did that happen so fast?

I didn't realize that time moves double speed when you're not doing anything but goofing around.  Or I'd forgotten.  And yet, here it is, Thursday, and we're winging our way to the coast tomorrow.  August seemed so far away just a couple of minutes ago, and now I'm worried about packing and hair color and what I'm going to do on the plane.  We're going to the reception of the century though - well, in the sense that a whole lot of people who I dearly love are all going to be gathered there.  I can't wait. 

And at the same time, part of me's lazily not wanting to prepare, not wanting to hassle, not wanting do deal with the process of getting *there*.

We're gonna be away from the internet too, unless I take my computer.  *Shudder*  *cling* I can't loose my internet.  God, I'm going to haul my computer to California.  I just realized that.  Oh well, at least I got the spanky reinforced backpack so I can do it properly.  Thank the gods for that.

The worst part is we're leaving the baby alone in the house unattended again.  (baby = felix the cat, btw)  She'll do fine, I'm sure, and it'll be better than any kennel because they only lock her in a 4 x 4 cage and she spits at them every time they walk by.  Yes, not a pleased cat.  But leaving her alone isn't really the preferable option.  Sadly, we just haven't met anyone who we trust to take care of our baby.  Not yet.  Still, I worry.  But she's better off here, in a 2 room apartment with all of her things, than she is if she was stuck in that cage. 

I'm rationalizing, aren't I?  We've made the decision.  She did fine last time we were out of town.  She'll be fine again.

So, with a bag full of computer parts and a book to finish, a kitten at home that we'll worry about off an on, and a full day tomorrow that should be full of preparation and will probably be full of procrastination, we get ready to travel.  Finally on the road!  *grin*

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