my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

The real thing that's on the brain: NO

Not like most of you don't know this, but if there's anyone left who doesn't, there are two places to go if you want to help out with the thousands upon thousands of people who are affected by the hurricane:

Emergency Relief Services

And you're in the fic world...

fandom_charity is a place where you can contribute your skills/talents/pastimes in exchange for a donation to disaster relief.  If you can't give money, it's something.

Also, if anyone knows lostgirlslair and hasn't heard about it, wickedfox and beadfic have set up the_fund to specifically make sure that lostgirlslair and mrtwstdwhspers are being watched out for ... there are some great offers of work in exchange for donations already up.

It's insane.  And part of me is glad that this time I'm not totally disconnected and feeling like it's a disaster that's happened somewhere else - something that I can't do anything about.  We're gathering pillows and sheets and stuff to drop off at the Austin relief/aid center for people who are getting boarded/housed here.  If we still had an extra room I'd consider begging Neil to let us open it up - there are so many people in need and so much that's been lost and won't be recovered.  Instead we just keep looking at the newspapers and realizing that it happened just around the corner, and I keep worrying about exactly what's going to happen next for the millions of people.

To every one out there that's been touched one way or another by this crazy whirlwind force of nature, I give you hugs.  It's what I got.

ETA: If you've ever wanted me to make a specific icon or graphic I'm happily donating my services over at the_fund. Click here to find out the details.

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