my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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The Post-Birthday post

Well, since my beloved Neil didn't post about it on his lj, I can talk about him on mine.

We tried to go horse riding, but the rain kind of cancelled that for us.  Of course, we were half way through the hour and a half drive to get there, but the cool part was the lovely drive back.  We got lost, but it didn't matter because we knew enough to actually figure out where we needed to go, and I got to reward Neil for his knowledge of Texas highways with breakfast.  Because every thing is rosier after migas.  And he let me taste his french toast and find out how scrumptous it is.  Now there's another thing I'll want to get for breakfast.  Oh, and the horsey people told us we can rescedule for next weekend.  We'll see.

I thought it was a lovely birthday, even if I did let him beat me at mini-golf. <small>(Well, actually, he kind of kicked my ass, but I keep pretending I'm a contender)</small>   Funny how not crowded the mini golf place was - but then we got to remind ourselves that it was Tuesday and every one else was at WORK.  Heee.

Dinner at Ranch 616 was gi-normous, delicious, and totally astisfying.  Because damn they have lovely food.  And it's just the kind of place you want to love - funky cool kid vibe, with a band playing Johnny cash (and doing well I might add), sweet wait staff, and the luxury of reservations that let us pop in front of all the kids waiting outside.  Sometimes it's good to think ahead.

And all I've got to say is that I love him.  If I could, I'd fly us to Nice to celebrate his birthday every year.  But the cool part about being in love with Neil, I know he likes a game of mini-golf, a fabulous dinner, and a walk hand in hand around the neighborhood too.
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