my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Journal? What's that?

Finally settling back into school, I think.  My schedule's sorted - Gypsy Language & Culture will have to survive without me.  Instead I'm all about Power and Resistance in South East Asia.  Not that it's a class where I can be a slouch, but at least I don't have to learn the language along with the research papers.  I can't believe I've finished my homework, though.  I have one article left that I'm saving to read during my down time tomorrow, and then I'm home free.

Sadly, I have no profound revelations.  No wisdom.  It's the beginning of the semester, which means my brain feels as if it's being opened, new information slowly seeping in. 

give me a couple of months, and then the wisdom will be at my fingertips.  And I'll write interesting posts.
Tags: school

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