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Spam o-rama...

First things first, the weekend.  The weekend was a real-life honest to goodness WEEKEND!  With going out, and visiting friends, and a BBQ, and everything.  Not only once, but twice.  Ok, it did also involve a football game, which is not my favorite past time, but hey, I can put up with some athletics in exchange for some good company.

It just felt good to be out again.  And to talk to people in person who were interesting, and goofy. 

We actually tried someting new too.  Something frightening, scary, and frankly, bizzare.  A freakish phenomenon that I thought I'd never ever attempt.  No, not drugs.  That would've been normal, compared to this.  Oh no.  It was the truly insane video game called Dance Dance Revolution.  And it was, after a couple of ciders, surprisingly fun.  Yes, I'm going to hell.  Not because I'm living in sin, or because I'm evil, but because I've played DDR and liked it.

Of course, it rained today, so it seemed like the world was suggesting we just stay in and stay bundled under the covers.  The funniest thing about that feeling is that it's actually warm outside.  It's only because the air conditioner's going that it feels even slightly wintry.  It gave us the mental excuse for hot chocolate this morning for breakfast though, which was fun.  I managed to crawl my way out of the house for the lure of a movie and kittens on my lap at some friend's house though.   There's nothing wrong with a bad movie and good company.

Now, with the pimpage:
I'm interim-modding at beegee_icontest, and voting's open for Contest 18. We need more people to run over and vote so that the icon makers feel encouraged. The winner gets a pretty banner too. And hey, if you feel like you want to test your metal, you should think about entering the next contest, Contest 19.
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