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20 random things...

gakked from dara_starscream

1.  I've never broken a bone and have no major scars.

2.  From third grade to seventh I lived with a drug dealer, although I didn't know the extent of his activites until I was far older: he was my mom's boyfriend, and he paid for every thing in cash.  Even the downpayment on the house he bought for us.  He went pretty insane before he broke up with her, although I was shielded from much of that as well (thankfully), and is in jail now, for operating a meth lab.

3.  I like reading literary theory.

4.  I've never had a nickname, and generally hate it when people call me Katie instead of Kate.

5.  I had my first sexual experience with someone else when I was 9 she was 7 or 8.

6.  I've won sewing contests.

7.  My earliest hero was Lessa, in Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series.

8.  I was called 'pizza face' in junior high

9.  I've always liked having a male best friend and a female best friend.

10.  I didn't drink very much in Europe when we went because I was 19 and not old enough to drink in the US, so didn't feel old enough to hang when out of the country.

11.  I want to be as smart as Sam Delany when I grow up.

12.  I've tried many illegal drugs at least once, although I don't do any of them anymore.  Not because I don't like them, mind you.

13.  I cast my first spell when I was 15.

14.  I've never settled on a 'usual' drink, at times preferring to drink straight vodka with frozen rasberries in the bottom, straight good whisky (sometimes with a dash of frangelico), or straight tequila (lime and salt were present, but under used).  But I generally like frilly things like apple martinis.

15.  I once called the cops when I was an RA because a student in my dorm had potentially OD'd on alcohol, passed out, and wouldn't wake up.  He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with toxic levels of alcohol in his system.  He was 16.  His parents filed a lawsuit against the university, even though we were the ones who'd probably saved him, and his friends were the ones who gave him the alcohol.

16.  I used to strip to NIN's Closer at parties when dared.  It's part of why the boyfriend loves me so.

17.  I was once labeled a "little bundle of fuck me" - it was meant as an epithet, but I kind of enjoyed the idea.

18.  I've had the cops called on me (and the boyfriend) when we were having very loud sex.  The were called out on a possible domestic violence call, and were quite amused to find us sated and sleepy instead.

19.  95% of the artwork in my house has been created by someone I know, either family or friend.  It's all framed.

20.  I bought my first piece of art when I was 14 - and spent my first real paycheck on it.

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