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does it bother anyone else that most of the time, when Bush gives press conferences, he sounds like he's being heckled to death and barely restraining the need to whine?  As if he wishes the reporters would just shut up because he doesn't have all the answers and as if he's the one being put upon?   I listened to some questions posed to him from a snippet of an NPR news conference, and it's something that's always bothered me about him.  The moment he gets a tough question he sounds like he's stuck between an whine and a temper tantrum.

For more in interesting Bushy crap, read what Amy's Robot said about his neo-New Deal.  And gods are they right.  We're about to get a whole new domestic agenda shoved down our collective throats, funded with NOTHING (or promises of more budget cuts in other areas -- what other areas can be cut exactly?  Oh, maybe the war?  I don't know of any other domestic program that *can* be cut, since they've all been screwed for the last four years on Bush's time anyway).  Oh, no, PRIVATE INDUSTRY will swoop in and save the day.  Because that's worked *so* well before.

From Amy's Robot:
Up to now, neo-conservatism has been defined by its foreign policy agenda. Its domestic agenda -- to the extent that it even exists -- has been the subject of much less attention. However, just as 9/11 gave the neo-conservatives the chance to apply their ideas to the real world, I believe that Katrina will offer them a similar opportunity to shape and apply their domestic agenda. 
[read the rest here]
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