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yes, i am procrastinating, what you gonna do about it?

But I want to grow up to be just like elizabuffy too!  Well, ok, i just want elizabuffy to like me.  Which hopefully she does.  And she did this meme.  So I did too.


LJ Interests meme results

  1. buffy/giles:
    Well, that's how i got into all of this isn't it? And how i met the charming and beautiful elizabuffy. I don't really know how I stumbled on the buffygiles fanfiction archive, but I did and I've been a convert for the pairing ever since.

  2. fantasy:
    Well, this is fantasy in the sense of fantasy novels, which I love. They're dearest and nearest to my heart because I got branded as a geeky reader in 4th? 3rd? 2nd? grade with them. And I haven't given 'em up now that I do all the academic reading either, because sometimes it's just more fun with swords.

  3. goth:
    I'm a closet goth at heart, sometimes. Although gray_ghost will tell you that I'm totally disqualified because I'm way too perky, I don't care.

  4. k.w. jeter:
    One of my favorite sci-fi/cyberpunk authors. Ever. I swear, my panties get wet just thinking about the stuff he's written. If you like scifi and you haven't read Dr. Adder (a kind of post-modern take on LA with doctors that do body mods to hookers and the like) or Noir (a totally indescribable but fabulous melding of detective fiction and cyberpunk), hie thee to a bookstore immediately. Well, look online for Dr. Adder - it's out of print and hard to find.

  5. literature:
    Ahh, my intellectual love. Or pretentious love? Doesn't matter, I like reading most of it, I love thinking about it, and I'm simply ecstatic when I can actually talk about it. Except when I have to write papers on it, like now, and procrastinate instead.

  6. noir:
    Goes hand in hand with the scifi stuff (in fact, someday hopefully I'll be able to remember what E.Jackson said about how one developed from the other). There's just something crazily satisfying about having the dirty beaten up knight in shiny armor (or a suit), femme fatals and dames, and seriously wonderful prose.

  7. princess bride:
    Probably has to be my favorite silly movie of all time. If you don't ge it, i feel bad, if you haven't seen it, i'm shocked, and if you love it, you already know.

  8. samuel beckett:
    Mr. Beckett. I thought I was going to hate him, until I read him. Sometimes I had to stop myself from devouring pages without pause because I was holding my breath. He's cool. Nuf said.

  9. soul coughing:
    The band that created the theme song for my LA years (called Screen Writer's Blues, if you're interested). I listen to them every day, I think, at least one song. Poetry in motion.

  10. ursula k. le guin:
    I cannot explain how much I love Ursula, because she was one of the first fantasy series I'd ever read (her Earthsea trilogy, and DO not base your opinions of it on the SciFi tv-adaptation, because it was utter crap). I think I learned something from her about the value of words, and how frighteningly powerful it is that man has this urge to name things all the time.

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