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The good: I didn't nail my Spivak presentation, I didn't bomb it either.  Something about actually presenting complex theory makes me talk too fast.  And gods, the woman references deconstruction, semiotics, Lacanian self & other, and half a dozen other things all in a sentence.  There's NO easy way to talk about it, except in the way she did (which wasn't easy, but was at least precise).  And I know I had the professor frowning at certian points.  But I loved the article, regardless.  Even if I'd never encountered subaltern studies before, I feel like I should've read Spivak anyway.

The hilarious thing is the way the Prof talks about her.  His description:  She's a rather imposing woman at over 6 feet, who wears elegant and quite expensive saris, and is quite striking.  She's hugely invested in the community and goes back to India and Bangladesh at least once a year to teach people reading -- so it's not like she's an ivory tower intellectual who has no connection to the people she talks about.  However, she's also very much interesting in weightlifting, and she's brillant, so she makes a rather imposing figure.  And she's quick.  But she's very gentle and very passionate.

How's that for an introduction?  I mean, she's no Foucault who used to come to class in bondage, but hey, we can't all be crazy French philosophers.

Other stuff?  I got new shoes today.  I finally bought a lock for my locker, so I don't have to drag my swim stuff with me every single day.  Rock. I joined facebook and have 2 friends (yes, count them, 2) so if anyone else is on there come over and friend me... so i don't look totally pathetic.

The bad:
Homework.  Endless streatches of homework.  Oh, and an oral exam on Friday.  Sexy, huh?

The whiny: It's fucking HOT in Austin.  And I don't mean humid-hot.  I mean 107 DEGRESS HOT!  Ouch.  Painful ouch.  Walking back to the car this afternoon I felt like the air coming out of my lungs was cooler than the air outside.  And, come to think of it, it was.

My birthday's in 14 days.  Two weeks.  And honestly?  Part of me does not want to celebrate it with my new friends, but with people who've known me for longer than a couple of months.  Not that I don't like the new ones, but they're so YOUNG.  Or so... they just don't KNOW me well enough.  I wish I could do what we did for Maija's birthday and have a gathering of my nearest and dearest beloved ones for some great food and yummy wine.  We're going to try to do something like that, and at least Neil, who knows me most intimately (if not for the longest) will be there.  I'll try to be more excited about this in the future, but I'm feeling the distance between me and California today.  It's FAR, It's expensive, and dammit, it's my 30th fucking birthday.  I want it to be marked by people who will remind me how cool it's going to be after i turn it, not ones who can't quite imagine being that old.  I want my friends to fly out and see me.  I want it not to cost so much to fly out, so that I don't have to feel guilty asking them to do it.  I want... well, you get the idea.
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