my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the calm after the storm?

Yes!  Yes yes yes yes yes.  Today's ordeal is over.  I spoke my worst Japanese, but at least I tried.  I think they give us points for that.  The oral exam is over, the wicked witch is dead, and I've only got 3 more to finish next week!  Yay!

I end up with this heart pounding nervousness after the test - you have to speak in another language, and even though it's only 8 minutes or so, it seems like forever and ever.  And ever.  It's good that my TA is adorable, and I feel like he's on my side, even if I do maul the language in multiple ways when I answer his questions.  There's hope for me yet though, because I'm sure I'm not the worst.  Ha.  The wonder of that!

So I'm done for the day.  One 8 minute test and now it's all over.  Well, until next week, when we do the listening comprehension and the written exams.  Woot. 
Tags: school

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