my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Ok, I've been a good little girl, and I'm still not done

Has anyone read Spivak's "Can The Subaltern Speak?"?  Because I really really really do not feel like reading it tonight and I've got to have two questions on it for my professor tomorrow.  Ugh. 

The weekend of productivity:
-All of the readings for the last month of Art in the American West.
-The Last Testiment of Okitsu Yagoemon (which he wrote and then committed sepukku - and so did his dutiful wife)
-The Incident at Sakai (that has more death in it than I would've thought possible... or maybe just more gruesome descriptions?  It's making suicide a bit ludicruous at this point, because I just can't take reading the description of a second having to slash at the samurai's neck 7 TIMES and not be a little flabbergasted and slightly hysterical)
-One article on French Film
-One set of comments on the article, even though I haven't seen the movie yet.
-One short paper on Le Corbeau (that currently stands without a conclusion, but hey, I've got to have something to do on Monday, right)

And I'm seriously DONE.  Or I'd like to be.  Instead I need one more set of comments.  UGH.

I do, however, feel delighted.  Why?  Because it rained just a little today, just enough to turn the air into that soft smelling wet earth kind of lucious stuff that's fun to inhale.  And because I have burning a sexy little candle in my house (sorry Miranda, I cheated on you!) that smells of chocolate and vanilla mixed together.  And because I had friends actually visit me this weekend (ok, sure, they wanted alcohol, but hey, they stayed to hang out too).  And because my kitten, while she mews piteously for her daddy, has also clambered around on my desk, trying to be her adorable distracting self, and then fallen asleep in the pappa san behind me just so she can keep me company.  There's nothing not to like about that.
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