my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

well, it started off...ok, the entire day's in the toilet

not that i really have anything to complain about. Brain-gruelling Japanese test. But I studied. So I think I've got an even chance of getting a C. And just glad it's over.

Hung out with friends. Watched the Suicide Movie (Seppuku if anyone's interested). Bit bizzare. And I was all set to watch the parts of Lola Montes that I'd missed on Tuesday, after Seppuku.

I should've known things were taking a turn for the worst right then. But do I heed the warnings? No.

The DVD that I can check out from the library is, of course, in French. But they don't automatically give out remotes, so I have to walk back to the counter for one. Then back to the room. Then back to the counter because the remote won't work. Then back to the room to grab my bag, because that's the only remote they've got, and if it doesn't work nothing will. No sassy french movie for me. That I have to write a paper on Tuesday.

Get to the car, that smells a bit like yogurt because I had to eat my breakfast in the car this morning (and old yogurt is not appetising). Turn on my computer and get ... nothing. A flash of something, then nothing.

Guess what? My computer screen's down. I have no idea how. It's compltely black, except for the couple of seconds when it logs into windows, when I can see my background, before it goes black again. Customer service (that I've spent the last hour and a half with) has no idea either. God they're useless. I mean, completely useless. Frankly, I have a feeling it's some kind of screen black out button that me and/or the cat pressed, but all they can do is tell me to try "function+F8, and for some reason they don't know that that's just the fucking brightness control. It doesn't do any other damn thing. But they don't have enough knowledge about my actual model to know that. They wanted me to pop the ram back out and in because they can't think of anything else. Hell no. I am not about to go 'popping' the ram out of my compouter and accidentally breaking it in half. Because that would be my luck.

So I get to send it into the service center. In California. And wait, to get it back. I HATE this kind of stuff. Truly truly truly HATE it.

So I'm braindead, without computer, which means I feel cut off at the knees, and homework less, because I couldn't do it (and trust me, the local Blockbuster does not carry Lola Montes), and just stuck and frustrated and half feeling like I want to cry.

The only good part? I pick Neil up at 10 tonight. My boy is coming home.
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