my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

The Best Birthday. Ever.

I wasn’t planning on it, and then it happened. Friday, the day I thought would be another from hell, turned golden and shiny and brilliant. Why? Because three beloved rascals conspired in Austin. Hawk and Miranda showed up in our guest bedroom. And I jumped and squealed and made happy happy happy joy sounds over and over again. It was the BEST surprise. The best present. The most happiest moment. It made turning 30 somehow totally ok.

And then there was the party! It made me look forward to it in a way that I just hadn’t before. There’s something special about having your true, beloved, treasured friends around when you party with your new ones – it’s like there’s a whole new meaning to having people in your corner. Or at least, that’s how it felt to me.

So Friday night we tried to show Hawk & Miranda a little bit of the town, which basically consisted of margaritas at Matt’s (and some serious queso consumption). And went back home to enjoy our company, without all those nasty distractions. Saturday we got ready for the party (with breakfast included beforehand, of course), visited Whole Foods (yes, sadly, it’s a tourist destination – but they have yummy cheese!), and puttered around the house.

The party? The party itself was goofy and silly and adorable and everything I could’ve asked for. Ok, maybe there was a little bit more . . . um . . . vomit . . . that I really would’ve asked for, but that’s my fault, since I mixed Mojitos and White Russians for people. Let me tell you, so *not* a good idea.

But it didn’t really matter – it was awesome regardless – besides, it gave Hawk something to tease Yvette about in the morning, and everyone something to grin at me about, and, well, it’s three days later and I’m still smiling.

Sunday, we were lazy and lovely and just goofed and lounged and watched Invader Zim until it was almost time for the Bat-Boat. And then, the unthinkable happened. Miranda bought me a cowboy hat. Yep, a Cowboy hat. I am official Texan. Oh, and Neil had gotten one on Saturday. We’re quite the pair now. Maybe we’ll only wear them for company? *Grin* I never thought I’d get quite that Texan, but the hats are kind of fun, and now Miranda has one too. I think of ‘em both when I look at it.

Actually, I think of ‘em both because they came and, along with my most beloved trouble maker (that’s you Neil), made the weekend bright and wonderful and just unfucking believably amazing. New friends, old friends, goofy neighbors, silly kittens, texas hats and all.
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