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my monkied brain

can't resist all the bad habits

thursday's child cried...
Because the computer company returned my lovely pc RE-FUCKING-FORMATTED.  I still don't have everything back the way it's supposed to be, but it's beginning to feel a little like my computer again.  I felt helpless and useless and confused at why they did such a thing to me, even though I know that some tech was just following his list of standard operating procedures, and wasn't some evil grinning tech trying to get me back for having pirated software.  It's just that they do turn into mental apartments, with comphy furniture, and when it gets moved around (or worse, tossed out!) it makes you want to scream.

friday's child grinned,
Because we took Yvette out for her birthday and ended up at a bar talking lots and lots of sex and goofy stories and trying to find the perfect margarita.  I wonder if I'm going to turn out like Tom Robbins ... with my own personal search for the perfect margarita (unlike his for the perfect taco)?  God it's fun to actually goof around outside again - meet new people, get to know the ones I know a little bit better, grin and smile and all of that silly beloved stuff.

saturday's child grew up. 
At least that's what it felt like, because we had a date with a real estate agent.  A date that lasted 5 or 6 hours!  We saw houses -- one scary, one so-so, one that was adorable (but not *quite* perfect), and one that was interesting, but maybe not ideal.  Of course, I expected our realitor to wine and dine us (not actually, just emotionally) and she did no such thing, so I'm willing to be courted by others.  But we're really doing it.  Really.  Buying a house.  Before the end of the year if we can.  God that's weird.

sunday's child didn't want to get out of bed. 
Not for any good reason, just because I didn't have to get up.  We went and scouted territory... at least that's what it felt like... looking for more houses to buy in the south part of the city.  We fell in love with a place that we didnt' even go into, that we know is completely wrong for us, because it doesn't even have a garage and it's $10,000 over our limit, but so, so, so cute!  We bickered a bit, out of nervousness I think, because we've never really quite undertaken anything like this.  But it all got better after lunch.  After the excursion I managed to do a little homework, make a few graphics, watch a little Buffy (and sing, which is probably why neil turned up the TV in the other room... but it's my birthday present and the Buffy musical and i'm entitled), avoid some of the other chores I keep needing to do, but hey, it's the weekend.  The weekend is for goofing.

oh, and if anyone hasn't seen the notice, go vote for your favorite  icons over at beegee_icontest!  And dammit, have yourselves a happy Monday!
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