my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

called on account of the rain

It feels like it's rained more since we moved to Texas than in all my years in LA. I find myself unused to the idea of water falling from the sky. Unequipped to plunge through the drippy drips and squishy mud. I pay far more attention to the weather reports here, although they're not actually right any more often than LA (well, less really, becuase, hey, even Steve Martin got the LA weather right 98% of the time).

But then I hop in the car, with wet sprinkles on the windows, and gleefully watch my wipers work, and realize that I kinda like it when it's rainy. Fresh smells, happy plants, and everything getting washed clean. The excuse to snuggle under the covers, the thing that makes the house look so warm and cozy by comparison. I like warm and cozy.
Tags: attempts at writing, journal entries
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