my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Adventures in House Hunting, Saturday edition

What is it with cockroaches? Hmm?  Will someone tell me why owners think cockroaches will make a sale?  Two of the four houses we saw today had them littering the corners of the rooms.  It wasn't what I'd call welcoming per se. 

And, just a word to any of you who are homeowners who are planning on selling your house:

If you did something good like bug bomb your house, go in the next day and sweep!  Seriously.  You do not want people to walk in and see your place with dead bugs in the corner.  Especially not when the bugs are a couple of inches long and have 6 legs that seem to wave in the air.  This is not welcoming.  It will not give them the "Oh honey! We could grow old here!" feeling.  Instead it will give them the "Ewww, this place is filled with awful creepy crawlies, we should run now" feeling instead.

Also, air out the place.  Leave a window cracked.  Or, look into the host of air freshners they offer these days.  All you'd need is one, or two, to actually IMPROVE the gas smell.  Or the musty ucky "we've just sprayed and it smells like a bug bomb" smell.  Yeah, that would definitely be an improvement.

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