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10 things

1.  My professor in my Subaltern Studies (that's the lit. theory class) wrote these exact words on my first paper for the class:  "I like the way you are both precise about understanding an argument and imaginative about reinterpreting it - a simultaneous identification and departure.  Also, your ability to begin a tracing of a difference in Chatterjee away from Gramsci is potentially brilliant."

Yes, my argument was called potentially brilliant.  On a 6 page paper.  That was supposed to be 8.  Maybe I can do this after all.

2.  Its Friday night and I haven't started my homework for next week.  That may sound silly, but I have to have Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's homework done before the week starts in order to keep up with Tuesdays.  I have procrastinated.  I am a bad girl.  I might need to be spanked.

3.  I have no right to complain, because there are a ton of people who are having far worse weeks/months than I.  And I love you all and know you're going to make it through these things, truly.  I just wish I had more time, and could be a little more comforting than comments on lj's with hugs, or phone conversations where I talk about everything and nothing, and am a sympathetic ear whose only advice is that everybody needs time.  I will do better next week.

4. Tomorrow afternoon we go house hunting!  Finally!  We were supposed to go Wednesday, but it was called on account of our realtor's broken key/lock box.  But we're going to whirlwind through 7? 8? 10? houses.  Luckily we'll have them on video so we won't get too confused.  And sadly, it's a bigger priority than we thought, because our current lease expires in December (we knew that), and in order to switch to month-to-month we'll have to pay $100 a month in rent!  Bastards.

5.  Tomorrow night I'm dressing up (either Ren-Faire girl or Femme Fatal -- I just don't know if i have the clothes to support the last, but I will try), carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, eating popcorn, and goofing around with friends.  Cannot wait.  There will probably be pictures.  Of EVIL and SCARY pumpkins.

6.  Next week is a week full of tests.  Either getting results of them, or taking Japanese oral and written exams.  God I hate Japanese exams.  But I think I'm actually getting better at the orals.  And doesn't that just sound kinky?

7.  I think I may have broken my iconing gene.  I'm now totally drawn to backgrounds, manips, and banners.  Is it possible to break yourself of one crack-like art habit only to pick up another?  And did i just ask a totally rhetorical question?  Probably, yes, to both.

8.  The kitten, our beloved Felix, might be gaining a little weight back.  We did like Hawk suggested and put her on geriatric food, and it seems to me that she's got a little bit more heft and weft when I pick her up.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And yes, we've hidden the remote so she can't watch America's Top Model anymore and try and emulate what she sees on TV.  But she's a smart cat, so lord knows if she's got a secret stash of teen-magazines or something around telling her that she's got to be skinny.

9.  I want to start reading my birthday book on Buffy and Philosophy.  Instead I'm using my birthday Japanese-English dictionary.  Neil really did cover the bases on that set of gifts.

10.  I'm not quite sure if I can multitask anymore.  I think I used to be able to handle at least 3 IM conversations while doing work, but now I'm down to two.  See kids, this is what happens when you do too many drugs at a young age.  You stop being able to multi task.  It's BAAAAD.  But the drugs were fun. ;)

11. (because I'm contrary)  I saw the swans again on Lake Austin this week.  In the morning, when I cross over the bridge on my way to school, there is a family of swans.  The cygnets are almost all grown up now, and I'm sure they'll be heading out any day to fly to warmer climes, but I love seeing their white profiles against the blue of the river/lake when I pass.  There's something so beautiful about them it makes my day.
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