my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Ahhh Friday, how glad am I to see you!

1.  Did well on 2/3 parts of the Japanese oral exam today.  Sadly, bombed the third part.  Heavily.  Hopefully the other two parts will counter act the utter failure on the last.  Apparantly 8 hours of studying is not quite enough.

2.  Watched Au Revoir Les Enfants today.  That was ... welll, not quite lovely, because it's a story about WWII, but kind of cool on the whole.  Sadly, the paper topics are not lovely at all.  Why do we get all of the horrible paper promts?

3.  Our house passed inspection with about $1,500 of non-critical repairs ... thank god it passed.  Sadly, we don't really have an extra $1,500 lying about, so I'm hoping our realestate agent can actually get us the  repair budget he suggested.  But no other news is good news, as far as the loan and the FHA inspection and all of that other stuff.  We're aiming for Nov 30th as a closing date.  That's going to come up FAST.  Luckily I've actually got a couple of true friends who are willing to help us move, so that rocks, whenever it happens.

4.  I've been the queen of procrastination this last week, even though I got everything done.  But 4 am is not a good time to start writing a sakubun (my japanese composition), and I recognize this.  Next week will be all about me getting homework OUT OF THE WAY FIRST, before I play with graphics.  Really.  It will.

5.  It turns out that my beloved mommie is coming for Thanksgiving for ... 15 DAYS!  This is both good and bad - slightly traumatic and partially wonderful.  It'll be good to see her, and have time to reconnect.  It's a little daunting because, although I love her and she loves me, we're both set in our ways now, and after 10 years of living apart, those ways are not always the same ways.  Sigh.
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