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i forgot that time expands when you fill it with more things...

I tend to forget that, if you want to feel like you actually had a true *weekend* you need to actually DO things with your weekend.  Then it actually feels like you had time off.

And what, might you ask, did I get to do this weekend?  Hang out with psychoadept  and tx_cronopio of course! 

They were sweet and made sure I had time to do my homework, and then they came by and met my boy and my kitty, saw my new house (and Pat was AWESOME and actually introduced me to the neighbors who speak spanish -- i do not, and was super happy to have my very own translator!). 

We went to the most adorable bookstore.  It's called Book Women, and is wonderfully feminist and totally cool, and I found a new Dodie Bellamy book.  For all of the po-mo people on my flist, if you haven't read anything of hers, go forth, and find her!  She's this brilliant woman, part of the San Francisco po-mo wave of writers, totally passionate and kinky, lyrical and theoretical at the same time.  The book's called Pink Steam, and seems to be a kind of autiobiographical investigation, but of course, it's more than that. 

Then we drove around Austin a bit, oggled the capital and drove up to Zilker park (and then realized it's awfully hard to see a park at night).  We went to Serenity (because, of course, we'd have to do something Joss related, woudln't we?).  Then hung out for some drinks at a lovely little bar at the Driscol, and promised to meet for breakfast the next morning.

The best  parts were actually getting to sit down with Pat and Campbell and talk a little, at the Driscol and at breakfast the next day.  It wasn't quite long enough, but if I'd've stayed longer I wouldn't have actually finished all the homework.  But there was much hugging (trade secret: Campbell is a brilliant hugger), and smiles.
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