my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Countdown to MomArrival: Approx 15 hrs

And have I done the dishes?  I think not.

Nope.  I have homework.  A pox on homework.  And on transitive & intransitive verbs.  And skit presentations.  And nerves.  And history classes.

Glad the woman who raised me isn't a clean freak.  Afraid she's become more of one now that she lives at home -- which will mean she'll want to try to clean when she gets here.  *mental shudder*  No, I don't want my mom cleaning my stuff anymore.  It's my stuff, and I'll leave it dirty if I want to.  If she wants to invite herself for 15 days, she's going to have to live with the squalor (live in the squalor?  whatever)

Glad the woman who raised me isn't too picky.  Terrified, however, that we don't have any food in the house she'll deem acceptable, except for a couple of old carrots and some broccoli heads.  She seems to have forgotten that I eat differently than I used to.  Sigh.  A trip to the store is in order, but I think I'll leave that for after her arrival - because dammit, there's just not enough time between now and then. 

Glad the woman who raised me is someone I can comforably leave to do homework.  Freaked that she'll still try and talk to me when I'm trying to get work done.  I used to just read fantasy books.  She had no problems interrupting those.  Me and lit theory though?  I NEED to concentrate on it.

Glad the woman who raised me is self sufficient.  Worried that she won't really be, not after she gets here.  I can't take care of her.  Wish that I could, but I'm not ready for that responsibility at the moment.

Glad the woman who raised me is coming to visit.  Scared the woman who raised me is coming to visit and I'm going to go batshit crazy after a day. 

Wait.  I found the silver lining.  I'm already batshit crazy.

Phew.  Glad I solved that one
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