my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Day 3 of Mom!Visit (12 days to go)

The good:  She has such cute hair!  She cut it short and it's frigging adorable as it curls around the back of her neck.  And bright scarlet.  Pretty mommies are good. 

I took my mom to class!  I know, in this day and age, everyone's kind of over bringing their parents to school.  But I happen to have been birthed and raised by a woman with a literature degree.  Means that she can get everything I'm doing right now (except for the Japanese).  So we woke up bright and early, broke our fast and popped up to campus.  She got to experience my silly-long walk to my first class, meet the friends.  And she was such a good sport and even did her homework (which included reading a couple of short stories and an essay about a film... and no, I didn't make her do my homework, just wanted her to be able to connect with what was going on in class).  My professors were all sweet and didn't have a problem with it, my friends were all great sports and lunched with us, and Mom had stuff to add to the discussion that she whispered in my ear (because she didn't want to intrude by taking up everyone else's class time with her opinions).  Total success!

The mediocre: 2 bedrooms does not a palace make.  Nor a comphy space for guests, especially when one of those bedrooms is really the base of operations for the TBG Austin branch.  We're all in eachother's back pockets.  There's more stuff. 

The beginnings of the maddness:  I was told last night that I could get better grades in Japanese if I spent more time studying.  By my mom.  My retort?  *dripping with sarcasm* "Gee, you think?  I didn't realize that.  After 30 years I never realized that if I just studied more I'd do better!  Thanks mom, I'll remember that."  I DO NOT need another person to tell me to study more.  Neil does a great job of handling that all on his own.  And I KNOW that, but I also know the limits of my own endurance, and if I'm satisfied with a C on the test (which will equate out to a B in the class) she can damn well be satisfied with it too.

I completely flew off the handle today at some passibly innappropriate comment that was relayed second hand to me.  Yes, it is the stress.  Ordinarily I'd be slightly more rational.  Then I bitched out my group.  They probably think I am the bitch from hell at the moment, and I may actually be turning into one.

But, on the bright side, since I get alone time when I say I have to study, I'm actually studying!
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