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Semi-Obligatory Turkey Day post... (belated)

leftovers.  the best leftovers in the world.  just the right amount.  two tupperware full of gravy.  yum.

So, last we left off, Tyler was arriving.  He arrived!!  And there was much rejoicing.

Actually, the whole couple of days have been pretty damn cool.  It's kind of amazing how we fit into eachothers lives without having to worry too much.  There really aren't any awkward moments, more goofy 'kate's acting like an overbearing mom, tyler's grinning at her because he did it on purpose' moments.  And the ever popular 'tyler's completely unconscious of something and kate's still acting like an overbearing mom moments'.  And the chess games.

Turkey day itself was bright and beautiful and warm enough we needed to turn the air conditioner on.  We had a lovely dinner, Joel & his sister were perfect guests, we ate and ate and then ate some more.  Neil's stuffing was more than perfect (extra giblets, people, really, they make the difference), the pecan pie was pecan-y, and Mom & I totally failed to get off the first square in Cranium, and we stupidly put Neil & Tyler on the same team (and yes, I know, what were we thinking?  the math major and the quintesential gamesman... but they were sitting close together!).

And all of the hustle and the bussel of getting the turkey, getting the turkey ready, and getting everything done, was pretty much handled with a minimum of fuss and muss and no freak out or anything.

Our guests departed, we hugged them on their merry way, and then did some more Buffy marathon (becuase Tyler's still rewatching season three).

Friday (yesterday, i'm pretty sure) we went out to Zilker botanical gardens, went to the Umloff Sculpture gardens, and visited the windows around the back of the new house.  The house we're FINALLY going to close on next week, I think.  We merrilly made plates of leftovers, gobbled them up with as much enthusiasm as on Turkey day itself (another reason why I like turkey day so much), and watched a few more buffy until it was time to go out.

I never thought, EVER, that I'd be taking my mom with me to Sixth street.  EVER.  Yet it wasn't as surreal as I'd thought - or as bad.  Probably helped that Tyler's uncle brought a whole gaggle of people with him, so there were people her age and people kind of our age, and much smoking and head nodding and smiles all round.  We saw a band (because, of course, you toss a penny in this town and it's likely to hit a musician, and did one bar hop, and Tyler got tiddled (which is one stage further than tipsy, which is where I was at ... still far removed from drunk, but enough that we wanted more stuffing when we got home).  It was actually a pretty damn good night.  And, of course, when we got back home we watched more Buffy.  Because season 3 is just LIKE that, ok?

Today we take him back home, sadly.  And wednesday mom takes off for California.  It'll probably feel oddly empty not to be tripping over eachother in the kitchen or smelling fresh pots of coffee at 11 pm, at least for a little while.

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