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mostly tipsy ramblings...

it's 2:30, i'm just in from a party next door.  sad to have to leave neighbors that (while they are generally loud and occasionally obnoxious) are so sweet.  But we will keep in touch with them, if I have to pull my own teeth to do so.  Cuz dammit, that's what you do - meet people and like them, enjoy their company, and the whole nine yards. 

and Miranda, if you're reading, I went to a holiday party tonight and thought of you guys!!  *hugs*

sadly, i can't come up with anything else to say... and this is me, the one who always talks more when she's tipsy... or drunk... or high.. or *lol* whatever.

ryan's girlfriend is named Elizabeth.  I wonder if Jao is spelled that way or some other? We need to figure out a date for a house warming party, because we have a lot of people who will actually come... and get drunk.  And a date for Ryan to cook us dinner.  Too many things to do and too little time to do it.

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