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1.  We've been bit by the spirt, which means we bought a pokey Christmas tree last night, then covered him in lights and ornaments.  It's a virginia pine - we've never had a virginia pine.  One doesn't get those in California.  They smell different, sweeter somehow.

2. In honor of the christmas season we lit a fire in our purple-painted fire place and made hot chocolate, turned all the lights off, and basked in the glow from the tree and the flames.  We're getting sentimental, because it was perfect.  But there's just something cool about sitting in a mostly empty living room, cuddled into the one big chair that can hold us both, staring at the flames.  The cat coudln't make up her mind about the fire, but we figure eventually she'll realize it's not only pretty to watch, but warm.

3.  We're staying at the new house now - and it is weird.  Weird in a 'damn, we've got an entire house to rumble around in' kind of way.  Weird in a side-by-side fridge with an ice maker kind of way (we had to go buy one...).  Weird and wonderful though, in a THIS IS OUR HOUSE kind of way.  We keep walking through the rooms and looking at each other and saying it out loud so maybe it'll sink in. 

4.  Someone nommed me over at The Bodice Ripper Awards for the banner i did for darker_giles  It's my first nom ever for any of the artwork I've done, and I'm bouncing up and down with fandom love.  Whoever you are, you ROCK!!!!

5.  ***super secret message to EB*** did you do that thing?  or was that thing another thing?  let me know so i can snuggle you appropriately!

6. Our cat had the old neighborhood cats cowed.  Truly.  Since we moved Felix to the new place, I've had no less than 4 of the old neighborhood cats accost me for love and general pettage.  3 of them have tried to get into the old apartment and hang around.  These were cats that used to run away at the sight of us.  Our precious little dictator no longer dominates our apartment, and now all the other kitties are trying to take over her turf with their big eyed looks and sweet little meows.  I wish I could let them all in so they'd stay warm and dry over the rest of the winter.  And I want to know, do people just get outside cats and not give them anywhere to stay when it's cold?  Because it sure seems like we have a bunch of domesticated cats without homes, that desperately want ours.

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