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from scratch:

to start:
French Onion Soup with toasted guryere

for main:
Fresh mixed green salad
Estouffade de Joue de Boef  (that's a beef stew from the South of France, with chocolate in the recipe)
Macaroni au Parmesan (lol, fancy home made mac & cheese! :D)

for dessert:
Pecan Whisky Cake

for wine:
Spicewood Vinyards Cabernet S.

We woke up and cuddled on the couch, nestling in and watching the Christmas tree i all it's glory.  Our living room is bright and fresh every day, especially with these cloudless Texas skies hanging over us.

Eventually I moved enough to start some coffee and make the egregiously large cinnimon rolls we'd bought.  Sugary, sweet, warm, and squishy.  Oh, and cinnamony.  Is that a word?  If not, it should be.

Presents were opened, ooed over and ahhed over, and we each grabbed our favorite to read more (because, of course, it's us and nothing comes without a book of some kind to read).  We have more design ideas than we can handle, and a fix it book for all the future fixes we'll need to make.

We'd made the onion soup and the beginnings of the stew on Christmas Eve, cooking happily away and then grumbling a bit when we jammed the garbage disposal.  Apparantly neither man nor woman was meant to use it, so it's back to strained sinks for us.  But it wouldn't be Christmas without a little breakdown, so it was less than a blip on the raidar.  Besides, we still got fire.  And cuddling, and goofy movies, and me spending hours and hours on the phone, because I was in a talky mood.

So we didn't have all that much to do for Christmas Day dinner, just a couple of hours of cooking the stew, because the recipe called for boiling this and baking that and generally putting everything from one pot into the other, often.  We sat down to a first course, and realized after it was done that we probably could've just stuck with that.  So we put the second off till nearly 11, watched another goofy movie ...

(that I'm profoundly grateful I didn't pay full price for: The Fantastic Four was not what I'd ever classify as fantastic.  Decent, on video, maybe.  Passable?  Sure.  Jessica Alba in a very very tight suit, along with her 'brother'?  Yep, they're both pretty.  Not pretty enough to justify an entire movie, but pretty nonetheless.  Now Christmas Eve was the 40-Year-Old Virgin, and that was totally amusing, but that's a different story.)

We did our cooking in tandem thing, and the rhythms of our kitchen are getting established.  Soon we'll be able to glide around eachother without blinking, butt bump in the middle (on purpose of course) and then spin back around to complete yummy sauces and tasty dishes.  This was a good start.

But since dinner was so late, we settled back into the couch after the main courses, snuggled down amidst the pillows and around each other, and Neil fell asleep.  In that cute 'i don't want to go to bed, I want to stay snuggling on the couch' kind of way.

My Christmas was filled with cuddling, lovely foods and even lovelier company, phone calls to much beloved friends, and surrounding it all, containing it all, was this amazing house that my beloved bought, that is ours from the carpet I'm wriggling my toes in to the vaulted ceilings over head.  That's put a kind of glow on everything - our first christmas, in our first house.

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