my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i stamped my foot and whined

All the whining in the world won't really do any good - we still have to go back to the old place to pick up the last couple of carloads of things.  Those random bits and baubles that are left in the corners and the closets, covered now in moving dust and spider webs.  Who knew spiders were that quick? 

Oh, wait, I did.  They're fast when they've got plenty of room to stretch out in.  And I'd love to leave their webs alone, but we're trying to get all of the leftovers (be they tennis racquets or old flower vases) over to the new place.  Yet neither one of us really wants to deal with the dust or the empty walls and echos of the old place. 

And at the new place... it's comfy and squishy and mostly unpacked and all I want to do is wander around feeling more and more comfortable in it.  I don't remember feeling quite this right in a place before, not as fast, and I love it.


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