my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

ok, first off...


Yesterday we cleaned house and picked up, and I had the feeling in the back of my head that if we just cleaned like we usually do, we'd have a New Years party like we usually do - lots of people, champagne drinking, yells at midnight and goofyness till far later.

It didn't happen exactly that way...

Instead we went and met friends downtown, because they'd blocked off a bridge and had fire dancers and art instillations and the longest chalk drawing to paricipate in.  Did we see any of these things?  Well, not really, since as soon as we met up with eachother we discovered everyone was hungry.  So we tromped down to a bar that served food, got a buch of appetisers and some champagne in some very small glasses, and managed to pay for it by 11:15 or so and then hauled ass down to the bridge.

We did see the chalk drawings, but basically by walking over them.  They were pretty. 

We also saw a totally georgeous fireworks display, set off out over the lake (from a barge or something) that left us oooing and awwwwing and cheering all over the place. 

Then we did come back home, with friends in tow, and sat around in front of our blazing presto log until 4 in the morning drinking champagne, talking, giggling and generally having a grand time.  It may not have been our most rocking new years eve, but it was spent in delightful company and I went to bed tipsy and content

As for today, the weather was so nice that it felt like we were in LA - blue skys, a breeze, and enough sun to wash the cars in.  I don't know why we've got their weather and they've got ours, but I like it!

Other than that I've tried to send emails back to friends who were lovely and sent emails months ago to me, talked to the family, cooked some terribly unhealthy but very yummy breakfast for us both, and generally goofed around and foofed around all day.  Damn but it's a good year already.

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