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Ok, I can't resist

Because Miranda did it...

January:  Our first month in Austin.  It was very quiet, much colder than we were used to, but since I didn't start school for a couple of weeks I did a hell of a lot of unpacking.  Oh, and then I started school and couldn't stop grinning (and looking over my shoulder to make sure they weren't going to take it back and make me leave)

February:  The bloom came off the rose as far as school went - oh, it was fun, but it was also DAMN HARD to take tests again.  I played in our garden, though, and Neil took me to the Buffy Sing A Long.

March:  Our first visit from friends back home: Ryan and Maija came out and helped us discover Austin.  Great fun, although I think it made me miss them all the more because we had them for a short time.

April:  We went to our first actual Austin event - the Wine & Food Festival - fun in and of itself but made me realize we didn't have any friends to go and enjoy it with.

May: I made it through an entire SEMESTER!  And my summer vacation started.  I haven't had a summer vacation in years - god it was great to just lay around the house and do absolutely nothing.

June:  Japanese I started, and I started it 3 days late.  It made for an adrenaline filled short semester, to say the least.  Luckly Joel was there, and at least there was one friendly face who shared the pain - and the studying.

July:  We went back to CA for a visit and a wedding and it was AWESOME.  Dear god I love my friends --  Maija and Miranda, Hawk & Ryan, and then getting to watch Jeremy and Leslie say their vows and dance with Kelly and see Deb and hug Zack and ... there's a lot of joy there.  And July was when Japanese II started, a date I will mark on the calendar because it also meant Yvette and I met!  And I got an A in the hardest Japanese class they teach at UT (ok, i got it by the seat of my pants, but I got it nonetheless)

August:  I finally had friends!  That did things outside of school!  And we went back to CA and got to see Hawk & Miranda & Josh & Chrissy & Kathy & Spence & J-Sue & Aaron ... I love those reunion weddings.  It was good month.

September:  Back in school again, I find out that it's much harder to take a language and 4 other classes at the same time!  But I dropped the interesting sounding "Gypsy language and culture" and instead take up "Strategies of Resistance in South Asia" the hardest, and yet most rewarding, class I've taken yet at UT.

October:  I turned 30!  And two incredibly awesome people conspired with the cutest man on the planet to fly themselves out for my birthday!  I still can't believe that Hawk & Miranda were hiding in the bedroom when I came home.  And I was seriously having the shittiest week going into my birthday weekend, and instead it turned into one of the most memorable weekends ever.  And we managed to have a knock down drag out birthday party too!

November:  Dear god, my mom and tyler came to visit for Thanksgiving, we actually started to seriously look for a house, and then we BOUGHT a house!  If that's not enough excitement, I don't know what is.

December:  We moved.  Not fun.  We had our first christmas in our new house, with a fire.  Totally fun.  We had fireworks for new years.  Damn fine fun.

As I was telling Neil in the car the other night, it seems like this year has been both incredibly busy (flying back and forth to CA will do that) and at the same time, really quiet - lots of nights spent at home, goofing around on the internet (or playing video games in his case).  But all in all, I'd say it was pretty damn lovely.  Went by too fast, but then, don't they all?

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