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First day back and I'm glad I didn't find any of the books for my classes at the bookstore, since the Sufism & Islamic Mysticisms class lists different books on the syllabus than the bookstore  had on the shelf.  I don't understand the disconnect, but hey, at least I'm not out money.  And perhaps the Japanese class won't be as bad as I thought - lots of people I know, many of whom had the same trouble remembering the word for "reading as a hobby" as I did.  Finally I settled on Ikebana, because hell, as least I can remember both what it means, what it is, and what it sounds like.  HA.

Also it was damn good to actually walk around campus, even though I huffed and puffed my way through it.

Lessons learned for the day:

Smoking is bad, and makes you more short of breath than you used to be
School is good, and you learn things there and occasinally meet interesting people

do with that what you will.

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